Ken Berey, the Only Filipino Speaker at Blockchain Festival Asia 2024

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Ken Berey

Ken Berey to Showcase Filipino Ingenuity in Web3 at Blockchain Festival Asia 2024

ConnectWeb3 PH CEO and Founder Ken Berey from the Philippines will speak at the highly anticipated Blockchain Festival Asia, to be held this coming March 2, 2024, at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Ken Berey, the only speaker from the Philippines, will showcase Filipino ingenuity in the Web3 space. The seasoned professional with six years of marketing experience and considered an expert in Web3 marketing strategist is set to take the stage as a speaker in the prestigious event.

The veteran international speaker Ken Berey, also a consultant of decentralized micro-blogging platform DBuzz and the consultant of SurgePay, an upcoming e-wallet in the Philippines, recently traveled to India for a series of speaking engagements with the Web3 community in the continent as he was able to connect with Indian investors who are interested in expanding their business to the Philippines in 2024.

The Blockchain Festival Asia 2024 is Southeast Asia’s main innovative event. Based on the agenda revealed by the organizers of Blockchain Festival Asia, Ken Berey will discuss “Trading on DEX vs. CEX. What’s the Difference and What Are the Risks? KYC Procedures with Technology.” Ken will also participate in the panel discussion of the Festival.

Image source: Ken Berey, the only Filipino Speaker in the Blockchain Festival Asia

What is Blockchain Festival Asia 2024

The Festival, which is one of the most after-sought events among crypto enthusiasts in the region, fosters dynamic engagement and innovation across a spectrum of topics, including Blockchain technology, crypto exchanges, digital tokens, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrency mining, GameFi, online payment solutions, investment opportunities, and the broader fintech industry.

The organizers of the largest crypto event in Asia expect to accommodate over 5,000 participants from around the world and from Asian countries.

Leading blockchain, crypto, and fintech companies will gather annually in the most exquisite venue in Singapore. Event participants are expected to meet their business and crypto industry peers for networking and possible project collaborations.

Blockchain Festival Asia 2024 Speakers

The Blockchain Festival Asia 2024 is considered the largest crypto event in Asia, and it will be hosted by Singapore, also dubbed as the crypto-friendly epicenter of modern financial Asia.

The event organizers invited some of the world’s best and brightest speakers in the Web3 space, featuring an array of top professionals and global leaders from diverse sectors, including blockchain, tokens, exchanges, DeFi, mining, payment systems, and investments.

Image source: Blockchain Festival Asia 2024 Speakers

Here is the list of the Speakers at the Festival

  • Erika Evasdottir – Centrium Advisory Services Limited
  • J. D. Salbego – CEO at Moonstax & Hash3Labs
  • El Lee – Partner, SenSen Tech
  • Felix Sim – Co-Founder at Salad Ventures
  • Karim Raffa – KPMG-Blockchain & Crypto Advisory
  • Karnika E. Yashwant-Key – Founder – KEY Difference Media & Utopian Capital
  • Jane Lo – Finboxx, Director
  • Ling Wu – TBCASoft, Inc.; CEO and Founder
  • Christian Trumm – CT Advisory, FinTech & Web3 Advisor
  • Nadja Bester – AdLunam Inc., Co-Founder
  • Soh Wan Wei – W3bverse, CEO
  • Loretta Chen – Smobler, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Abhishek Bhattacharya – CEO & Co-Founder, The Impact Wave; Advisory Board Member, Umujolands; Blockchain Author
  • Joel Lin – Co-Founder at CitaDAO
  • Charu Sethi – CMO at Unique Network, Senior Ambassador for Polkadot
  • Belinda Ang – ARTO, CEO-Founder
  • Ken Berey – CEO & Founder ConnectWeb3 PH
  • Gabriel Tham – Google Cloud, Web3 BD
  • Matthew Townsend – RSRB LLP, Partner
  • Una Wang – LingoAI, Founder and CEO
  • Ryan Rabaglia – Blockchain.com Managing Director Global Head of Institutional Sales and Trading
  • Elton Tay – Chatmint, CEO
  • Stephen Browne – Sorted Wallet
  • Raul Villamarin Rodriguez – Woxsen University, Vice President
  • Sonny Mohanty – Leo Ventures, Partner
  • Kristen Lim – Rockrose Executive Search, CEO

Event Sections

The Blockchain Festival Asia 2024 in Singapore is divided into various event sections, including the Conference Hall Section and the Exhibition Space. There will be networking sections, a Welcome Party, and a Gala Dinner.

The conference agenda has been meticulously crafted in the Conference Hall section to explore the synergy of these cutting-edge technologies under one roof. There will be a series of enlightening keynotes, engaging interactive panel discussions, and inspiring speeches delivered by distinguished speakers with proven expertise in blockchain.

In the Exhibition Space, booths will feature products from industry-leading companies participating in the Festival. The space will be a vibrant arena where exhibitors and attendees can showcase their offerings, establish meaningful connections, and engage in interactive face-to-face discussions.

Regarding Networking, Blockchain Festival Asia will provide a distinctive earn-and-learn platform for the crypto community to exchange invaluable insights, share experiences, and acquire firsthand skills from market leaders.

The Welcome Party will take place in the heart of Singapore’s crypto hub, serving as a rendezvous point for development teams, traders, OTC professionals, fund managers, CEX operators, DeFi Protocol enthusiasts, and NFT artists.

During the gala dinner, attendees can experience the transformation of the event into an unparalleled networking experience, seamlessly weaving connections throughout the evening and making it truly unique.

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