Axie’s Ronin Wallet Releases Updates with Multi-Chain Support

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Ronin Wallet

Ronin Wallet Unveiled Multi-Chain Support

Sky Mavis, the creator of Axie Infinity, once dubbed the most popular NFT game in the Philippines, recently announced significant updates to the Ronin Wallet, a key portal to the Ronin Network’s gaming and project ecosystem. The forthcoming upgrade, which will be implemented in stages over the next 14 days, includes multi-chain support and represents a significant advancement in wallet technology and the user experience.

The NFT game creator revealed some of the key features of the Ronin wallet, as confirmed by their founder, Jihoz.ron. Ronin will introduce multi-chain support, including Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon. Users can migrate to Ronin fully while still being able to trade on previous chains. The new wallet will also support on-chain interactions in mobile games, using plug-and-play multi-party computation technology.

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Key features of the update include

  1. Implementation of Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology for enhanced wallet security. This strategy allows the distribution of control access across multiple parties.
  2. Aside from Ethereum integration, Ronin Wallet will also support another chain, expanding its blockchain compatibility.  
  3. Design and functional enhancements, such as tracking individual token activities.

The addition of multi-chain support is particularly noteworthy. It enables users with an existing Ethereum address to join the Ronin ecosystem easily using their current seed phrase.

This update will allow Ronin Wallet users to:

  • Connect with decentralized apps like Uniswap.
  • View NFTs across Ethereum and other chains.
  • Manage tokens not limited to the Ronin ecosystem.
  • Send and receive cryptocurrency on Ethereum and other chains.
  • Utilize an in-app browser specifically for Ronin Wallet.
  • Stay updated with news about the Ronin ecosystem directly through the wallet.

Additionally, the new Ronin Wallet addresses will start with ‘0x’ to align with Ethereum standards, though the ‘ronin:’ prefix remains an option for users.

According to the latest development from Sky Mavis and the Ronin ecosystem, a newly announced supply cap of Axie Infinity’s SLP token as the company wanted to retain their previous users as they plan to expand the growth of Axie Infinity. 

It was also reported earlier that the blockchain game Apeiron migrated to the Ronin blockchain, which is part of the partnerships between Sky Mavis and Foonie Magus. Apeiron is the first blockchain god on the Ronin blockchain. The Ronin blockchain also partnered with Grab Rewards in Southeast Asia as their official merchandise partner in their merch store. The merch store will also be accessible through the Grabe e-wallet in Southeast Asia. 

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