Donald Lim: Pioneering Digital Marketer and Blockchain Advocate

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Donald Lim

Donald Lim’s Profile Bio:

Donald Lim is one of the pioneers of digital marketing in the Philippines and a veteran business leader. He served as the youngest President of the Philippine Marketing Association, the largest assembly of marketing professionals. The blockchain advocate also works as the Chief Operating Officer of Dito Telecom and will be one of the speakers at the Bull or Bear Cebu event.

He is the President of the Creator and Influencer Council of the Philippines, and the Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines, which he founded. Donald Lim is a successful businessman with several businesses and is the founding President of the Blockchain Council of the Philippines.

Donald Lim Profile
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Early Life:

Donald Lim has described himself as an introverted person who does not like speaking in front of people and cameras. However, as he grew older, he learned the concept of “anchoring” and would feel confident speaking in public while wearing his glasses and black shirt. He recalls his early life as a “typical divisorial lifestyle,” where their parents taught him and his siblings business at an early age.

His family distributed lighting to several small distributors in divisorial and let him help count and guard supplies as the eldest son. As the eldest sibling, his parents expected him to take over the family company someday, but life had other plans for him.


Donald Lim is a product of the management program at the Ateneo de Manila University. He finished his Master of Business Administration with distinction from Murdoch University and then completed his Doctor in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

The veteran digital marketer finished his second master’s – a Master in Public Management from the Ateneo School of Government. Donald Lim also has a diploma in Interior Decorating, a Diploma in Executive Management, and a Diploma in Hospitality Management. He completed Pelmanism training with the Pelman Institute in Sydney, Australia.

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Career Beginnings and Challenges:

Donald Lim completed college in 1998 amidst a financial crisis, which posed challenges in securing employment. Despite this, he printed out a hundred copies of his resume. The young Donald Lim handed them out to companies he found along Ortigas, Buendia, and Ayala, eventually landing a job at Burger King as a management trainee.

Donald Lim began his marketing career when he worked with the Philippine Daily Inquirer as COO and former Senior Vice President for Marketing Rene Reinoso, his classmate in graduate studies.

Following that, he became the CEO of Yehey.com, one of the top websites in the Philippines during the early days of internet companies in the country. Despite the lack of knowledge, he recognized that digital was “the future.”

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Professional Career:

Today, Donald Lim is best known as a key figure in the marketing industry with over 20 years of leadership experience. He is the current Chief Operating Officer (COO) of telecommunications company DITO CME and Chief Innovation Officer at one of the fastest-growing holding companies in the country, Udenna Corporation.

Donald Lim has been a media, advertising, and digital leader, serving as Country CEO of Dentsu Aegis Philippines, Chief Digital Officer of broadcast giant ABS-CBN Corporation, and Managing Director of MRM Manila.

Awards and Recognitions:

Due to his contributions, Donald Lim was recognized and awarded by various institutions, such as The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Award for Community Building in Digital Media.

He is also the first awardee of the Agora Award for Marketing Communications by the Philippine Marketing Association and was conferred Digital Marketer of the Year at Asian Leadership Awards in Dubai by the Asian Confederation of Business, Young Market Masters Award in Online Marketing by Mansmith & Fielders, and the first recipient of Digital Leader of the Future award conferred at World Brand Congress in Mumbai by Markdom India.

Image Source: Donald Lim (Debater on Bull or Bear Cebu)

Blockchain Endeavors:

Donald Lim played a huge role in establishing the Blockchain Association of the Philippines. The organization sees itself as a platform for individuals seeking advice and support in their blockchain endeavors. Whether it’s a company, government, or regular person, the council envisions itself as an advisory board that can help adopt this new technology. The panel also aims to make the Philippines the blockchain capital of Asia.

Donald Lim will participate in the eagerly awaited Bull or Bear Debate titled “Web3: The New Internet,” held in Cebu City on July 15, 2023. The event, organized by Bitskwela, will discuss Web3 adoption in the Philippines. Nathan Senn from Hive & DBuzz, Giu Comia from Tekkon App, Miranda Miner from Global Miranda Miner Group, Tyrone Bretana from Tier One Alliance, and creativepreneur Ashtley Sandoval are among the participants who will join Donald Lim in the event.

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