Chris Rice Represents DBuzz, Philippines & Asia at Hive Fest 2023

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Chris Rice HiveFest

Chris Rice’s HiveFest Presentation:

DBuzz Founder Chris Rice debuted in the HiveFest with a fantastic presentation about the latest developments on DBuzz and Hive in the Philippines. Despite being an ordinary Hive user, he flew more than 30 hours to finally meet some of his online friends in person and stand in front of the largest Hive community gathering to share his experience about the Hive blockchain.

According to Chris Rice, the idea that someone like him, an ordinary user with an unremarkable background, presenting at the HiveFest only shows how remarkable, incredible, and how much opportunity there is in the Hive blockchain and the Hive community.

Chris Rice presented his B2B guerrilla marketing tactics during his speech at the HiveFest 2023 in Rosarito, Mexico. For him, the world needs Hive Technology, and the community also needs it, but the world still needs to learn it already exists.

Image Source: Chris Rice Presenting at HiveFest 2023

DBuzz Guerilla Marketing Strategy to Promote Hive:

The guerrilla marketing tactics the DBuzz founder presented target three types of organizations: the media, the local schools, and hosting companies.

Partnership with the Media:

By referring to the Media Team, Chris Rice expounds that DBuzz is in partnership with the local media industry, as the team started to get some media coverage from the Philippines and is also in contact with a Korean news website.

He presented and introduced the former founder of, whose site generated millions of views and is now replicating the same with

The DBuzz founder also shared some of the activities of the DBuzz team in the Philippines, showing photos of prominent personalities in the mainstream media, Philippine celebrities, events attended, and a local basketball team supported by DBuzz and Hive.

The American founder of DBuzz, who now resides in the Philippines, also presented a photo of Jiro Reyes, the founder of Bitskwela, a leading educational technology platform in the Philippines, one of DBuzz partners, being interviewed by the local mainstream media, like the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) and the local counterpart of CNN worldwide, the CNN Philippines.

Chris Rice explained further what he means by tapping into the reach of other people in terms of media partnerships. He also admitted that there are valid criticisms about mainstream media. However, the truth is that mainstream media in modern culture is still a form of recognition and validity, and people accept it as valid when it is in the mainstream media.

So Chris explained that if we want to onboard the masses, to be featured in the mainstream media is okay. He also showed a photo of Tony Rebamonte, a content creator who successfully made a milestone with his 1 million reach using the DBuzz hashtags on TikTok.

Introducing Ken Berey and Other Notable Names in the Philippines:

Chris introduced Ken Berey, the founder of Blockchain Network Philippines, the first and only Web3-focused Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the Philippines. Ken Berey, or Ken Berdz, is quite popular in crypto, not only in the Philippines but also in Asia.

The DBuzz founder also shared photos of the Hive users in the Philippines, including the HivePh group in Manila and Cebu. Although there are different Hive groups in the Philippines, Chris Rice is interested in uniting these groups of Hive users in the Philippines to benefit everybody, not just the Hive DApps and stakeholders but society at large.

Image Source: DBuzz and HivePh Promoting Hive in the Philippines

Partnerships with Local Schools:

According to Chris Rice, the DBuzz team works with local schools and organizes them into three tiers. Each tier has a different approach to helping them and onboarding these schools to Hive. He is interested in providing mentorship in coding and development, SEO, and article writing.

Chris Rice also showcased during his presentation how he created a decent website, and the school’s staff was blown away after they secured hosting and a domain for their school. Although it was a minuscule task for Chris, the school’s team was enthusiastic to partner with DBuzz and Hive.

The DBuzz founder also revealed that he plans to have a press event at the schools, which will be covered by the mainstream media this coming December 15, 2023. The school stated that there will be a ceremony for the gift-giving of the donations, which is also in time with the open-sourcing of the DBuzz code to the general public.

DBuzz Partnering with Hosting Companies:

According to Chris, he is looking forward to a bright future for DBuzz because he wanted the micro-blogging platform to be a DApp that is easy to use, easy to install, and easy to duplicate.

One example of that is how Linux and WordPress are both open-source. He noted that he is not targeting the GoDaddys of web hosting, but he will target the smaller web hosting companies to have DBuzz as a product so that their clients can install it as quickly as they install WordPress.

More Interesting Part from Chris Rice’s Speech:

Although Chris admitted that he is still practicing as a speaker, he already captured the audience’s attention when he asked them if they knew that Hive and several DApps were featured in a book by Vitalik Buterin.

Image Source: Chris Rice Video Presentation on HiveFest

Chris Rice also revealed that members of the DBuzz team have been in contact with Vitalik personally, showing a photo of Nathan Senn meeting Vitalik and Ken Berey of Blockchain Network Philippines, a consultant for DBuzz who just met Vitalik a few weeks ago in Palau, an island in the Pacific.

One of the reasons Chris Rice mentioned Vitalik and Ethereum is because of the latest development on DBuzz wherein they plan to onboard Metamask users into the Hive blockchain, as he made a video demo of the Metamask Integration to DBuzz.

Video Presentation of Metamask Integration:

After the video presentation of the Live Demo of Metamask Integration, he encourages HiveFests attendees and those watching the live streams to visit to experience the Metamask integration to DBuzz.

Chris Rice reiterated in his speech that aside from onboarding and partnering with the mainstream media, local schools, and web hosting companies, DBuzz will have a solid push to onboard Ethereum users, which is a low-hanging fruit because they already are in crypto.

Video Presentation on How Chris Rice & Nathan Senn Promotes Hive:

In the last portion of Chris Rice’s speech, he presented a video from an event stating that the world’s number one social media blockchain already exists. It’s called Hive.

In that video, during the FrolicBlock event in Mati City, Philippines, Chris Rice stated that there are two vital points in Web3. One is that Web3 is open source, and it should be. Anyone could copy that software, duplicate it, and build their products.

And Hive, with DApps like DBuzz, is leading the way not to break up the monopolies and replace them with new monopolies but to replace them with smaller projects that are interoperable and compatible with one another.

The number two vital points about Hive are open source and interoperable, which means they can work together. Potentially, everyone can have their own social media network, and they could all work together and be visible on each other’s site; that’s the vision of Web3, and that’s what Hive is doing, and that’s why some people say Hive is Web3.

Watch the Full Video of Chris Rice During the HiveFest2023:

Chris Rice Presentation During the HiveFest 2023 in Rosarito, Mexico

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