Jiro Reyes: From Graphic Design Freelancer to CEO of Bitskwela

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Jiro Reyes

Jiro Reyes’ Profile Bio of Bitskwela Founder:

Jiro Reyes is a digital artist and the visionary Chief Executive Officer of edu-tech platform Bitskwela. Initially drawn to Bitcoin by the promise of financial gains, Jiro’s journey evolved into a passion for education and empowerment.

Today, he leads Bitskwela in its mission to enlighten Filipinos of different ethnicities about the potential of Bitcoin and emerging technologies.

Jiro Reyes is the leader of the young individuals responsible for successfully holding a Web3 debate in the Philippines, dubbed Bull or Bear, in partnership with various government agencies and Web3 companies, bringing cryptocurrency education to different parts of the country.

Educational Background:

Jiro Reyes, who hails from Quezon City, spent his high school and college years at the Ateneo De Manila University.

He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Information Design. He was a member of the university’s cheerleading squad, the Blue Babble Battalion, and at the same time, he was honing his skills as a graphic designer.

Image Source: Jiro Reyes, CEO of Bitskwela

Entrepreneurship and Freelancing Journey:

Jiro Reyes had no background in graphic design when he entered college. Over the years, he was able to learn and eventually offered his services to various business organizations as a freelancer. He has worked with the famous energy drink company Red Bull as Student Brand Manager. He also capitalized on his skills and started selling t-shirts at the university. 

From selling t-shirts to co-founding his company, Jiro Reyes launched Tipsy Lab Mobile Bar with his college friends. Tipsy Lab Mobile Bar is designed to provide beverage services at various events and gatherings.

Jiro Reyes was named by When In Manila as one of the 30 successful Filipino entrepreneurs under 30 years old. However, the business had to stop operating due to internal issues. Jiro Reyes was left with valuable experiences to use in his next ventures.

Web3 and Bitskwela:

Jiro Reyes got into Web3 because of the money that he could potentially earn from selling, trading, and investing. However, his perspective changed when he started to have a deeper understanding of what Web3 is.

He knew Web3 could go beyond trading and investing, as it could address society’s issues. In an interview with the mainstream media, Jiro Reyes revealed that the idea of Bitskwela came out after he realized that most online tutorials were in English. Nobody seems to bother teaching newbies using their language.

His eagerness to educate more Filipinos about Web3 has led him to found Bitskwela, which initially started as a passion project during his undergraduate years. 

Launched in May 2022, Bitskwela has allowed Filipino youth to learn about Web3 and other emerging technologies for free. It strives to make Web3 education accessible to every Filipino of different ethnicities.

Bitskwela offers online modules translated into Tagalog, Cebuano, and Ilocano by professionals. The company plans to expand to major Filipino languages such as Bicolano, Waray, Ilonggo, Pamapango, and Pangasinense. 

Bitskwela’s aim to make the platform a holistic learning environment is to add podcasts, webinars, newsletters, and many more to enhance the overall learning experience of its audience.

Bitskwela is also the organization behind “Bull or Bear,” a debate event that features Web3 individuals and leaders to share their opinions about Web3 and push its adoption. Bull or Bear has already had successful events in Manila, La Union, Davao City, and Cebu City. 

Some of the most prominent leaders of Bitskwela working side by side with Jiro Reyes are Bitskwela Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) JC Macalintal and Bitskwela Marketer Prof Toff.

Current Work & Bitskwela’s Milestones:

Aside from being the CEO of Bitskwela, Jiro Reyes is currently working as a graphic designer at Glorietta Makati, a shopping center, and Hawksight, a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) super-app, and he holds the Communications Director position of the Web3 Association of the Philippines. 

Some of the most significant milestones of Bitskwela recently are listed below:

Website & Social Media Presence:

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