Jobancom Presents The “Pixelated Art” in Bacolod City

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Pixelated Art

The “Pixelated Art”: Contemporary Art, Blockchain & NFT

Jobancom, recognized as the number one eSports and Entertainment organization in Negros Occidental, presents the “Pixelated Art,” a conference for the community of artists and enthusiasts in Bacolod City and Negros Occidental. 

The primary purpose of the event, according to the organizers, Jobancom, is to provide opportunities to our local artists in Bacolod City and Negros Occidental to take advantage of this modern digital concept of art through NFTs using blockchain technology. 

The main topic to discuss is contemporary art, blockchain, and NFT, with special guests Marso Ya, an NFT artist, Level Art co-founder, and prominent content creator KooKoo Crypto. 

The Pixelated Art event presented by Jobancom and Visayas Web3 Community will be held October 14, 2023, at around 1:00 PM at the Metro Inn, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. 

Image Source: Pixelated Art (Contemporary Art, Blockchain & NFT)

The organizers expect around 100 attendees for this highly anticipated NFT event in Bacolod City. This event is supported by Yield Guild Games Philippines (YGG Pilipinas), a leading play-to-earn gaming guild in the Philippines that made some headlines in 2022 for reportedly raising $1.45 million for Philippine typhoon relief under the leadership of former YGG Philippines country manager Luis Buenaventura

Topics to discuss in the Pixelated Art event include Contemporary art, blockchain, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). 

What to Expect:

Networking: Building connections with the local artists here in the Visayas. 

Interesting Topics: Traditional Art, Contemporary Art, Blockchain, NFT, Opportunities, Artist’s Perspective. 

Guest Speakers: To share their experiences and knowledge about Crypto and NFTs 

Project Highlights: Explore NFT Projects. 

Community Engagement: One of the top content creators and NFT artists/influencers in the Web3 space will join this event to share their knowledge and insights about NFT and its opportunities, featuring Kookoo Crypto and Marso Ya. 

Image Source: Pixelated Art in Bacolod City this coming October 14, 2023

Register HERE for limited slots only with an Admission fee of PHP200.00. 

Get a chance to win an ARTIST XP-PEN Tab and other giveaways. Attendees can also win cool stuff and W3GS expo and tournament tickets at the Pixelated Art event this coming October 14, 2023, 1-5 PM at the Metro Inn, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. 

Jobancom also announced their brand partner, Treasure Hunt, and Media Partner Trendline, the Web3 Podcast. Community partners include Vaux Machina, Web3 Bacolod, Web3 Lounge, WSB, NomadFury, The Crypology Academy, Sphera Solutions, Web3 Cebu, ChibiClash, KatRopa Reviews and Collab-U. 

Limited Slots Only:

Register Here:


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Image Source: Pixelated Art Event in Bacolod City featuring Marso Ya & KooKoo Crypto

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