John Verlin: Founder of Titik Poetry and Project Sigya

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John Verlin

John Verlin Profile Bio

John Verlin Santos founded Titik Poetry, an acclaimed spoken word collective based in Cavite. He initiated a community service platform called Project Sigya and is also the owner of Titik Productions. 

John Verlin is a motivational speaker featured in CNN Philippines’ Story of the Filipino, where he shared his journey as a spoken word artist.

​He recently released his debut spoken word album, Konsepto |Konteksto, on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other streaming platforms. 

Educational Background

John Verlin Santos earned his stripes in the field of communication. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Cavite State University.

It proved instrumental in shaping his future endeavors in words and visuals. John Verlin has a Titik Poetry Certificate from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued in March 2021.

Image source: John Verlin, Founder of Titik Poetry

Professional Journey

John Verlin currently serves as an NFT Artist at Titik Poetry, showcasing his versatility in the evolving world of digital art. 

As the former President of Rotaract from 2012 to 2014, he exemplified leadership and community engagement.

Being part of the National Committee on Literary Arts under the NCCA reflects his national commitment to the literary arts.

His foray into filmmaking has been equally impressive. Award-winning shorts like “Sigya” and “Hagorn: Ang Batang Freestyler” showcased his storytelling prowess, earning recognition from prestigious platforms like the Change Foundation Inc. and Pelikultura: The CALABARZON Film Festival. 

John Verlin’s diverse talents led him to the TEDx stage at Xavier School in 2016, where he shared his captivating journey.

Spoken Word Artist

John Verlin performed on radio stations like Brgy as a spoken word artist. LS, Yes! FM and shared his insights at national events like the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Pasinaya Festival and the Philippine International Literary Festival. 

He launched his first album entitled Konsepto | Konteksto in Web3 in January 2022. It was featured in different online media platforms and recognized by curators in Objktcom, a Tezos minting platform. 

Titik Poetry

Titik Poetry, an entity recognized by the Security and Exchange Commission and National Youth Commission, is more than a collective; it’s a movement. 

John Verlin initiated Project Sigya, a community service platform, and owns Titik Productions. In 2022, he gave birth to the program called Titik Academy.

Image source: Titik Poetry Team founded by John Verlin

NFT Ventures

John Verlin Santos’s journey to the world of NFTs in 2021 marked an important moment in his career. 

Pioneering spoken word in the Web3 space, he created the first NFT Filipino spoken word album, contributing to the Tezos blockchain community. 

Through initiatives like Tezos Filipinos, he preserves Filipino culture in the Metaverse and supports local artists in this digital landscape. For John Verlin, NFTs opened doors to new opportunities, pushing him to expand his skill set. 

John’s journey on platforms like H=N (hicetnunc.art) was a learning experience and a therapeutic one, surrounded by a diverse community of artists with unique stories to tell. 

The challenges of engaging with artists and collectors taught him the art of community-building, a skill he now applies as the director of the Binhi artist profile program.

In 2021, John Verlin Santos discovered more than a new digital frontier; he found authentic connections, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose. 

As he navigates this evolving landscape with his family in Titik Poetry, John Verlin continues to push boundaries, experiment with his art, and contribute meaningfully to the artistic and cultural tapestry of the Philippines and beyond.

John Verlin Santos catalyzes change in the NFT space, weaving narrative transcending genres, mediums, and digital realms.

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