Chan Dela Peña: Tech Lead at Leveret Group & Creator of Hiraya Expeditions

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Chan Dela Pena

Chan Dela Peña Profile Bio

Chan Dela Peña is the Technical Lead at Leveret Group and the Creator of Hiraya Expeditions. He is from Calabarzon, Philippines, and has worked as a professional software engineer for thirteen years. He has carved a niche in financial technology (FinTech) and interactive technologies. Chan is also involved in crypto education, visiting various colleges and universities in the Philippines to promote Web3 education and sharing his entrepreneur and digital creator expertise.  

As the Tech Lead and Project Manager of the Singapore-based multimedia company, he balanced his roles in a collaborative environment while being an active member of the Tech community in the Philippines. In 2016, Chan Dela Peña founded a software development company, which served as a crucible for his professional and personal growth.

Beyond software development and project management, he loves gaming as a Game Developer and a Tabletop Gamer. He also participated in Web3 communities and engaged in ongoing Artificial Intelligence (AI) research. Chan is one of the creators at Hiraya Expeditions, a Filipino Indie board project for creator’s collaborations. He is also the founder of Zenith Legion Interactive. 

Licenses and Certifications

Chan Dela Peña acquired a series of certifications, including certificates in Data Storytelling, Data-Driven Decision Making, Foundations of Project Management, and Data Analytics Fundamentals, all issued by Google in 2023. His Lean Six Sigma Certification from Six Sigma Online was obtained through the Aveta Business Institute in 2023.

Chan has delved into the intricacies of GDPR, receiving certification from LinkedIn in June 2022. His knowledge extends to the principles of blockchain, and he received the Blockchain Basics Program certification awarded by UnionBank of the Philippines in November 2021. He also received an Introduction to Generative AI program certificate from Google Cloud Training Online and completed a Leadership course on Udemy.

Professional Experience

Chan Dela Peña currently serves as the Technical Lead and Tech Project Manager at Leveret Group, a Singapore-based multimedia company specializing in creating original IP across multiple platforms, including animation, games, and comics. At Leveret Group, Chan is important in planning, executing, and delivering technical projects, ensuring they align with timelines, budgets, and stakeholder expectations.

From October 2021 to February 2023, Chan served as the Technical Lead at UBX, a leading financial technology company in the Philippines. Before UBX, Chan held the position of Senior Software Engineer at First Foundry, a technology company that’s equal parts research incubator and software development studio. 

From December 2016 to April 2019, Chan was a former Full Stack Software Engineer & Founder at The Code Mercenary TCM ITC, a company that does software projects of all kinds. He also served as a Senior Product Engineer at MVP Mailhouse, a pioneer in direct mail marketing.

Chan Dela Peña’s journey extends back to December 2014, when he was Lead Software Engineer and Game Developer at Dreamlords Digital, a Direct-to-Digital Entertainment Development company focused on creating the most exciting digital products in the market. His previous work included being a Senior Mobile Application Engineer at Hybrid Paytech from January 2013 to December 2014, and he was a Unity Developer at Interactive Lab Production from November 2011 to November 2012. 

Image source: Hiraya Expeditions, one of the creations of Chan

Leveret Group

Leveret Pte Ltd, founded in November 2021, is a Singapore-based boutique multimedia company. The company specializes in crafting original intellectual property across animation, games, and comics; Leveret is driven by its mission to create high-quality content that resonates globally. The multimedia company believes in the power of stories to connect people and inspire change and is dedicated to delivering narratives that blend entertainment with thought provocation.

As the Technical Lead and Tech Project Manager at Leveret Group, Chan Dela Pena spearheads the planning, execution, and delivery of technical projects. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, Chan defines project scope, establishes timelines, allocates resources, and proactively manages risk to ensure successful outcomes and stakeholder satisfaction.

Chan’s journey is a testament to his expertise, entrepreneurship, project management, and deep understanding of technology. Chan Dela Peña remains active in cutting-edge communities, shaping the landscape of technology and innovation.

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