Shanhai Game: Play-to-Earn 3D Fantasy Martial Arts MMORPG

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Shanhai MMORPG in Auto Mode Similar to Mir3 & Yulgang Global

Game Introduction

ShanHai is the world’s first 3D fantasy martial arts Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Mobile Game (MMORPG) based on blockchain technology. The game’s universe is crafted from UM COMPANY LIMITED’s original IP, “Metaverse History,” blending traditional classic culture with futuristic fantasy elements. It offers multiple competitive modes, including single-player dungeons and guild battles.

Set within the expansive U-6174 galaxy, virtuality and reality are interdependent, and destruction and rebirth are repeated. Players need to use skills as the core, constantly practice and strengthen, explore unknown areas together, dig out the true meaning of civilization, and engage in creative gameplay.

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Game Guidelines

To obtain more Doran Tokens (DRNs) in Shanhai, users must continuously improve their level and combat power. In this process, some specific functions require the use of DRN, such as realm breakthroughs, skill cultivation, pet upgrades, partner upgrades, purchase of special props or NFTs, and many others.

Similarly, users can use NFTs to improve combat power by modifying their appearance. There are many ways to get Doran Tokens in Shanhai:

  1. New user registration will receive a novice gift package worth $600, including Doran Tokens;
  2. Complete the daily active tasks and reach the corresponding activity level;
  3. Complete specific tasks, including bounty missions, spy missions, gang missions, etc.;
  4. Participate in specific dungeons, including Shanhai Chaos, Clash of Heroes, Fairy Demon Battlefield, 3V3, Gang League, The Battle of Sijing, Corps copy, etc.;
  5. Kill bosses and monsters at level 200 and above.

How to earn $DRN?

  1. By farming world bosses in the game. The higher the level, the higher the probability of earning DRNs.
  2. By playing in PvP (Player vs Player) Mode. You can also earn UTNs, the game’s governance token)
  3. By NFT Exchange with UM Company’s official NFT Platform
  4. By mining in the club mining campaign. 
    • Participate in Mining
    • Club Mining Rules
  5. By earning with UM Club
    • Rules and how to get benefits from UM Club
  6. By UM Club treasure boxes

Key Messages

  1. Gamefi Project is free-to-play. Play-to-earn coins are currently at a low floor price and low market cap. There is a lot of potential to grow in both the number of players and token price.
  2. Introduce about DRN & UTN Token (Detail / Price / How to buy)
  3. The floor price started at $5 and has moved to $14. It is important to note that the market cap is still low and has high growth potential. There may be a supply shock when it gets listed on CEX and has more players. The game has reached 100,000 downloads in just a few months. 
  4. More campaigns are coming soon. You can also win Double Lucks with more rewards with $DRN, $UTN, and $USDT.
    • Campaign and Activity
      • Campaign Activity: First Luck
        • TaskOn Campaign to Celebrate the Dragon New Year 2024 (Start Date: 12 Jan – 12 Feb) For campaign details, visit the official website of TaskOn Campaign.
      • Campaign Activity: Second Luck
  5. Tricks from players
    • Daily play 8-10 hour
    • Join the daily quests (for example, alien killing)
    • Play a lot of 3v3 battles
    • If you earn more DRNs, you can reinvest to buy a VIP Pass or character power.
    • If players have more levels, they will have more chances to get more $DRNs.
      • For example, some players have an LV in the game of 426 and a VIP LV of 7, upgrade character power, Play 8-12 hours, and earn around 20-25 DRN / Week. They also have auto-system support.

Tokenomics and Token

  1. DRN $DRN : The DRN token is a play-to-earn token that is required to be used in the Shanhai Game ecosystem.
    • Utilities for $DRN
      • To level up your characters by buying a level-up package.
      • Increase your combat power by buying NFTs  here: (Note: You can extract your in-game DRN to your UM wallet to buy NFTs)
      • The number of $DRN generated each week is limited. This means that the more people need to level up the character and access limited dungeons, the more demand there is.
      • The team closely monitors the game economy to keep a healthy balance between supply and demand.
    • $DRN Tokenomics: The initial supply of $DRN does not exceed 50,000,000
      • 5% for Community
      • 5% for Marketing
      • 35% for Play to Earn
      • 20% for Foundation Treasury
      • 10% for Pledge Rewards
      • 5% for Advisors
      • 20% for Team
  2. UTON ($UTN): UTON blockchain is a public blockchain built on top of the Tendermint module with Ethereum Virtual Machine. 
    • Utilities for $UTN
      • Used for gas fees for on-chain transactions
      • Used for entering special events in the current game and the future game, creating the UM Metaverse Ecosystem.
      • $UTN is the governance token to governance all of the UM Metaverse Ecosystem. Anyone can join the DAO.
    • $UTN Tokenomics: The total number of $UTN is 100,000,000.
      • 41.5% for Ecosystem Development
      • 16% for Foundation Treasury
      • 20% for Early Investors
      • 12.5% for team
      • 10% for Public Sale
    • The floor price started at $5, and the current floor price is $11. The market cap is still very low, meaning there is still much growth potential.
    • You can get $DRN for free at ShanHai GameFi and trade $DRN freely on cryptocurrency exchanges, listing on MEXC, BitMart, and Coinstore.

Other Privileges

  1. UM Club
  2. Rules & How to Get Benefits from UM Club

How to Create a UM Club

  1. Download the game
  2. Register ID Game account 
  3. Register Log in ID at UMCrypto Club
  4. Click Create Club at My Club 
  5. Bind your game account first 
  6. Create a club 
  7. Waiting to approve

If you’re new to the game, you can join other newbies and learn more by participating in established guilds, and one of the most promising guilds that was formed in Asia is the ConnectWeb3 Guild to guide you on your journey of playing Shanhai P2E MMORPG.

There are some numbers of influencers who are already enjoying their journey in playing Shanhai as they shared it with their fans and followers on YouTube and other social media channels.

Important Notes:

  1. A new inviter must register an ID Game account and bind their game account first before joining a club. (Step 1-3,5) *** Can use the invite link of your club ***
  2. The old register must be a Registered Login ID and Bind your game account first before you can join the club by searching the club name and joining. (Step 3,5)

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