Bull or Bear Cebu Speakers and Debaters

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Bull or Bear Cebu Speakers

Bull or Bear Cebu Speakers

The speakers of the Bull or Bear Cebu Web3 Debate featuring the adoption of Web3 in the Philippines will showcase some of the most prominent names in the cryptocurrency space. Aside from the debate proper, there will be learning sessions and keynote speeches from key opinion leaders of Web3 in the country.

Bitskwela initiated this coming Bull or Bear event for July 15, 2023, at the Ayala Malls Central Bloc, Cebu IT Park, Cebu City, Philippines. Bull or Bear Cebu is the main event of the fourth edition of the debate that has already generated some noise in social and mainstream media and the Web3 industry.

Bull or Bear Cebu Speakers List
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Some of the most recognized names in the Web3 space will share their ideas and insights in the crypto space, including veteran blockchain developer Nathan Senn, D.Buzz Co-Founder, and Hive Representative Donald Lim from Blockchain Association of the Philippines, Ashtley Sandoval, a creative entrepreneur, Tyrone Bretaña from Tier One Alliance, Giu Comia from Tekkon, and Miranda Miner from Global Miranda Miner Group.

Each of the debaters mentioned above will also deliver an important message to the community as Keynote Speakers of the event; they will be sharing their projects and ideas on how to build a community and how their project could give value to Web2 and Web3 users, not only in the Philippines but also worldwide.

Before the keynote speeches and main debate proper, there will be a learning session prepared by the organizers as they will feature Aaron Lay from Bitskwela to discuss Web3, and Raine Laluna from Sphera Solutions will discuss the current state of Web3 in Cebu.

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Here’s a Short Background of Bull or Bear Cebu Speakers

Nathan Senn

Nathan Senn is a veteran blockchain developer who started his coding career at nine and even rubbed shoulders with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. He is the co-founder of D.Buzz, a decentralized social media that is built on the Hive blockchain.

Vitalik Buterin and Nathan Senn: Image Source

According to Nathan Senn in an interview with CoinGeek, users of D.Buzz can post content on the decentralized social media platform as they own their content and account, and no matter what happens to their content, it is immutable because it’s on the blockchain.

Nathan Senn was also the founder of a popular search engine, YouSearch LLC, in 2014, a lead programmer of the Helix Project, and the current owner of the US-registered company Dataloft LLC. The self-taught developer is developing a Web3 Twitter alternative called D.Buzz, a decentralized storage system, and an NFT card game called Retzark.

Giu Comia

Giu Comia from Tekkon: Image Source

Giu Comia is the Global Ambassador of the Web3 App that originated from Japan, Tekkon, an app that promotes saving the deteriorating infrastructure worldwide. Comia was credited as the person behind onboarding more than 100,000 users in the Philippines for the Tekkon App.

Giu Comia is a public speaker and veteran content creator with more than 263K followers on TikTok and 106K on Facebook. He is the 2019 WCOPA (World Championships of Performing Arts) gold and silver medalist and the guy behind the song “Bigyan Mo Na Sana.”

Dr. Donald Patrick Lim

Dr. Donald Lim (Blockchain Council of the Philippines): Image Source

Donald Lim is the Father of Digital Marketing in the Philippines and the founding President of IMMAP (Internet Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines). He is the Chief Operations Officer of DITO CME Holdings Corporation and Chief Innovation Officer of Udenna Corporation.

The former CEO of Yehey Corporation organized the 1st Philippine Blockchain Week and is now serving as the founding President of the Blockchain Council of the Philippines. He is also the Chief Growth Adviser of the foremost Filipino blockchain developer, BayaniChain, and the first Web3 BPO company in the country based in Davao City, the Blockchain Network Philippines (BNP).

Donald Lim is recognized as an Asian partner and anchor of FinTechTV, a US-based digital show featuring news on Web3 and blockchain worldwide.

Coach Miranda Miner

Coach Miranda Miner: Image Source

Miranda Miner is a cryptocurrency mentor and coach at Global Miranda Miner Group and Feast Gold Innovations. His real name is Paul Abello, a cryptocurrency educator dubbed Pambansang Crypto Coach of the Philippines.

Coach Miner is a Registered Financial Planner and a Licensed Financial Advisor who previously provided customer service and technical support for companies like Google, Microsoft, MasterCard, MoneyGram, and Game Developers companies like Zynga and EPIC Games.

Tyrone Anthony Bretaña

Tyrone Bretaña (Tier One Alliance): Image Source

Tyrone Bretaña is the Head of Alliance, a program of Tier One Entertainment, Southeast Asia’s leading esports and gaming behemoth, with 260 million followers across its brands. Tier One Alliance is an incubator program for Web3 content creators. Tier One Entertainment is the company behind the success of mobile esports champion Blacklist International.

Bretaña previously worked as a Business Development Manager for GCash and as a Senior Business Development Manager at FoodPanda.

Ashtley Sandoval

Ashtley Sandoval: Image Source

Ashtley Sandoval is a marketer and creative strategist and started her personal development journey during the pandemic.

The young creative entrepreneur and freelancer loves to talk about personal development, personal finance, productivity, and other fun stuff. She is also a Tiktoker with more than 48.4K followers.

The Bull or Bear Cebu Speakers will give us more ideas on what is happening with the Web3 space right now and their thoughts on the future of cryptocurrency and its effect on our generations.

Aside from the prominent speakers from the Web3 space, Bitskwela also invited well-known personalities from the government, such as officials of the Department of Information and Communications Technology and even politicians, to support their project, particularly Cebu City Rep. Edu Rama.

Visit the official website of Bitskwela’s Bull or Bear event through the link provided below:


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